Vape Pen – SMOK Stick Prince Mod Kit Review

Good new is stick prince in stock now, and I will share its review with you.

The Stick Prince itself is as basic as it gets. Smooth, well-machined stainless steel comprises the entirety of the device, with only a few decorative cutouts in place to add some aesthetic value. Other than that, this looks like a complete throwback mechanical Mod, right down to the hefty 90-gram weight.

However, the LED surrounding the fire key is a highlight, since it serves as a charging indicator, battery level indicator, warning indicator, and pretty much any other notification indicator. The wide array of colors and easy-to-decipher flashes make a single light about as helpful as one can be, given the arrangement.

Stick Prince vapes extremely well. When paired with the included Prince tank and M4 coil, I enjoyed a few hours of rich flavor and extremely thick, milky vapor. Other than a handful of weaker hits, the power flow from the internal battery was smooth and steady, if not a little limper than I expected.

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Moving to a different RDA with a lower-ohm coil, I recharged the Stick Prince and found the experience to be a little lacking. Though the battery is regulated, and had protections built in, I expected the Mod to act more like a mech than it probably could.

My 0.15-ohm test coil was hardly as low as the Stick Prince could handle, yet the power flow never quite got the coil heated appropriately. It vaped, but again, this setup is not for serious builders and coil junkies.

Again, the SMOK Stick Prince isn’t an all-in-one device, but it might as well be, since the tank and coil are ideal for the battery power and overall functionality offered here. I enjoyed the vape quality overall, but instead of feeling liberated from restriction, only having one or two proprietary coil options seemed at odds with the idea of mechanical vaping.

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