Vandy Vape Maze Sub ohm BF RDA – For Fans As A Gift

I take this opportunity to congratulate everyone with coming new year and first of all thank all of you for being with us.

Today I will introduce you the Vandy Vape Maze Sub ohm BF RDA.

Vandy Vape Maze Sub ohm BF RDA review

Case material: stainless steel
The type of atomizer: RDA (according to the manufacturer)
Evaporators: 0.2 Ω (probably appear and others)
Capacity: 2 ml
Diameter: 24 mm
Dimensions: 22.5 mm without driptipa
Connector: 510, gilded
Weight: 45 g
Color: black, steel, gold, iridescent

Vandy Vape MAZE Sub Ohm 24MM BF RDA comes with

1x Maze Sub Ohm BF RDA
1x Maze Coil
1x Resin Drip tip
1x 510 pin
1x Refill tube
1x Accessory bag
1x User manual

The design is somewhat reminiscent of the Bonza RDA, which, by the way, I already have a month, and it has shown itself quite worthy. But let’s not digress.

Contrary to expectations, moiv complete until I have additional types of drip. Adapter under 510-fired either. But I tore the troubled doubts about veracity. In fact, it seems to me to be a bit differently.

Vandy Vape Maze Sub ohm RDA

Top CEP has “deep” risks for easy rotation. Internal machining spherical-expect a good vkusoperedachu. You can see four recessed directional airflow. Angle inlet air flow approximately 45 degrees relative to the plane of the base.

Side skirt sits on two oringah based, there is no “keys”-free rotation.

top vandy vape maze sub ohm 24mm bf rda

On the lateral surface of the find four “mesh” air inlets for 9 holes, small holes in each of them. Lately, there has been a trend of using such a framework (mesh openings) and I, as a user of such, tell me what this decision had to taste, both literally and figuratively.

Come to the fun.  as you understand without rackmount, or column AV component. Traditional coil you will not find here as well as the notorious grid. Instead of the usual coil here used à la carte Grill grates (this I call them so). They look like the maze of the Minotaur, the kind so its called-hence the name taken.

Vandy Vape Maze Sub ohm BF RDA how to use

Surface evaporation is obtained simply huge-therefore, the steam must be very rich, and naturally, Gigi consumption is even greater than when using a grid as an evaporator. In General, I like this idea, rather constructive. And here is what I don’t like is that this decision is akin to neobsluge. I.e. “prisazhivaet” us producer to a permanent purchase evaporators. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like and am trying to avoid.

Replacement vaporizer has such a feature, I understood that the cotton is wrapped in its body without the right. That is, you cannot, for example, burn grate and change then wool, although thus exactly constructive could be cleaned at times.

Vandy Vape Maze RDA

This design navinchivaetsja to the Central rod, in which there are openings for filling the basin sludge when used on squonk devices. By the way, the bath is very spacious and the device can be used without problems and without squonk Pina.

Here you just and useful stock for “top dressings” dripki.

Repeat – in General, vandy vape maze sub ohm 24mm bf rda is such constructive liked and ventilation, and the idea of using this type of coil. Of course, in addition, that buy replacement grates necessarily have to, though, naturally, they later appear in other materials, and different resistance.

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