Vandy Vape Lit RDA With Versatility

The exterior of the Vandy Vape Lit RDA is standard, both for the manufacturer itself and for the segment as a whole. In general, the appearance is nothing special.

The drip types in a set of three (resyne, ultem and delrin).

The top cap in the compartment with the side skirt is working for the benefit of the airflow adjustment. Moreover, there are two variants of the design of air intake openings, which we will discuss a little later.

The deck is quite comfortable. We see one single rack, however, massive. It is equipped with pressure plates, which are spring-loaded. It should be convenient to use such a construction – you can clamp both legs of the spiral at once. However, there may be a downside – during the clamping you will have to hold both spirals at the right place, which is very problematic.


At the same time, developers hint to us on the versatility of the device the ability to install, in addition to conventional spirals, a grid, as well as a spiral in the vertical plane.

As for the latter, I have doubts – the maximum width of the spiral will be limited by the distance between the clamping plates.

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So let’s return to the geometry of the blowing holes. Probably, their width in the vertical plane is due to the possibility of using the grid, for it, as a rule, needs higher blowing holes in order to cover, as much as possible, its surface with air. While for a conventional horizontal spiral such a wide (vertical) airflow is unlikely to work.

Again, I do not see much, especially sacred, sense in the introduction of two types of “airflow grilles” – than they are fundamentally different from each other.

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Bath does not say that roomy, so it is also separate. Therefore, I predict the squonk orientation, the bundled pin sock fully supports me in this.

Price $22.9 in – this has already become a pleasant tradition.

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