Uwell Crown 4 mod & Nunchaku Mod- Retro or modern

Today we will make a choice between two mods with different styles, one is Uwell Crown, representative of vintage, and another is the modern Uwell Nunchaku.

1. Uwell Crown 4 mod
Uwell is not very widely distributed in the market of the CIS countries. Meanwhile, the guys are making enough quality devices and are famous for their maintenance-free Crown series tanks, as well as some mods. And now we’ll look at one of the new UWD box mods, because this new product has collected a premium appearance and some constructive features that the developers from the aforementioned company like to endow their products with.

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Crown 4 is a classic in many ways mods with fairly smooth and ergonomic shapes, as well as not too large dimensions. So, the height of the device is only 84mm, and the width and thickness are 52.5mm by 25mm. The latter indicator hints at the support of the modern diameter of atomizers. The black version of the main body and six color side panels are available.

The baroque styles on the side panels of the different colors mentioned above are made using double anodization, which should ensure the durability of this coating. There is a silicone layer in the black part of the case to ensure a more secure hold.

Another interesting feature of the Crown 4 is a 510 connector protected from moisture, capable of carrying all modern atomizers, judging by the size of the mod, of course. It is strange that other manufacturers rarely use leakage protection in the manufacture of their box mods, a very useful feature.

2. Uwell Nunchaku Mod
Nunchaku Mod has a slightly convex shape, which should favorably affect the comfort of holding. The complete tank is standard, without any new-fashioned “pot-bellied” flasks.

By its functionality, the pipe man is not inferior to the usual box mods. Here, in a similar way, there is a board endowed with all the necessary modes of soaring and settings. In addition, by the same analogy with the box mods, the Nunchaku Mod has a small screen and buttons for adding or decreasing power.

Uwell Nunchaku 80W TC Mod review

Two specially designed evaporators are responsible for the performance of the device. By the way, they are all designed for fairly modest hovering, but only for the Nunchaku mod. Claptons are installed inside the heat exchanger, at least slightly, but will affect the taste index.

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