How many puffs are in a Vaporlax Draco Disposable Kit?

The new Draco Disposable is finally here, 6500 puffs! Each Vaporlax Draco 6500 Puff Disposable comes pre-filled with a 16ml e-liquid capacity for a truly long-lasting all-week vaping experience.

Vaporlax Draco Rechargeable Disposable Kit 6500 Puffs

50mg Nicotine Strength
Micro USB charging port
6500 Puff Count
16mL E-Liquid Capacity

Sleek, modern stainless steel body and checkered print for a comfortable feel and stylish use. For a long-lasting vaping experience, the Draco is a rechargeable device. This Vaporlax disposable has a micro USB charging port on the bottom.

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Draco single-use products represent the latest evolution in single-use vape technology and feature the largest number of puffs on the market. These vapes are filled with 16ml of premium tobacco-free nicotine vape juice.

The Draco also features a comfortable nozzle and adjustable airflow settings that sit on the bottom of the vape. All Draco disposable e-cigarettes are fully charged and rechargeable via Micro-USB. Micro-USB charging cable not included.

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