VOOPOO Pericles RDA review – Combination of Classic Design

After the unpleasant result happened between GeneGate chip and Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W box mod, VOOPOO focuses on the development of atomizers and seems to be interested in avoiding any new content related to the chip. It seems that they have not released the BF box mod which is used their own Gene chip until the dust settles. However, at the same time, we have Rune, Conjure, U-Force T1 and the latest Pericles atomizer. Has the design team enabled a new portfolio or re-examined the design style? Today let’s take a close look at the VOOPOO Pericles RDA.

The VOOPOO Pericles RDA is a dual-coil RDA that is compatible with almost all coil types. It has a large wire slot, which can be quickly inserted into the coil legs and held in place, which is very friendly for new vapors. Its e-juice well is deep, and VOOPOO claims to “make steam more fun.”

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It has a smooth bottom intake that allows air to pass from the 4 air tubes through the coil. At the top cap of the RDA, there is also a strainer to prevent the smoke from entering the tip drip and further preventing leakage.

The Pericles RDA is easy to mistake for a Rune RDA at first sight, but after decomposing, look at the wire deck, but it is a Bonza-style post design. One of the two wire legs of the coil is fixed by a wire screw, and the other is fixed by an open screw. The wire holes on both sides are low and the middle is high. Look at the air intake system, you will still find some familiar elements. Does the four air outlets remind you of the Kennedy atomizer?

In general, this atomizer does not seem to have any special highlights, more like a patchwork. Does this make it a mediocre and negligible atomizer? I don’t think so. It uses these classic design elements and combines them to create an outstanding product. We only hope that when designers combine these functional designs, they will consider more causal relationships and the results of atomization-related effects, not just random pieces.

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