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Back to the topic of serviced atomizers – hurray! True, my guest this time is not my favorite segment – Vandy Vape Kylin M Pro RTA. Today it will be very short – just to the point. We prepare a hot new product from Vandy Vape, which is “supervised” by the founding father of the company himself, and also the chief designer.

Vandy Vape Kylin M Pro RTA review

Body material: stainless steel
Atomizer type: RTA vape
Capacity: 6 / 8ml
Diameter: 24.5mm (landing) / 28.4mm maximum / 31.8mm on bubble glass
Height: 43mm with drip type / 34.3mm without drip type
Connector : 510, pin gold-plated
Weight: 70g

As always, the appearance is very large. This is understandable-after all, novelty continues the corporate tradition and can be traced back in the design. However, in general, the decoration is quite adequate and even partly calm-so to speak, unobtrusive.

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Among other things, the theme differs from the extreme Vandy Vape revision in the presence of knurling and no perforations on the blower ring. In terms of shape, it is again very strong, with a suitable waist, but the vest is very low. But it has a good weight.

The drip head is very simple-even surprising-the landing is the standard 810th floor. At work, it is quite decent—no complaints—and he feels comfortable in his mouth. However, I think you will definitely want to replace it, so the diameter of the platform under it is 18mm. In addition, the kit includes an adapter for 510 colleagues.

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