The SMOK X-Priv Mod Kit – Sophisticated and You Will Like It

Smok X-PRIV is a kit I cannot wait to try. Sure, it seems to have the same two-button control scheme, the same clicky fire bar, and a larger version of its popular display. But there’s just something classier and more mature about the sophisticated SMOK X-PRIV that has our attention.

X-PRIV Kit provides 220 watts of power on just two 18650 batteries. While these power claims seem to get larger and larger, we’re completely confident the X-PRIV will hit this mark, since SMOK continues to optimize this chipset for more efficiency and power output.

Our most recent SMOK Mod tests have seen tremendous performance from this board of late, with some surprisingly good battery life and consistent power throughout. Even with the larger display and smaller size, we expect the sophisticated SMOK X-PRIV to continue this evolution of efficiency and performance.

buy smok x-privUnder the hood, the X-PRIV will also bring a full complement of temperature control adjustments, TCR settings, coil sensing, temperature limiting and more to advanced users, while keeping things simple to operate. We noticed there was no mention of bypass or other Mods and adjustments in the promotional literature, so we’ll be sure to get to the bottom of that during our week of testing.

SMOK X-PRIV Mod Kit comes with a TFV12 Prince tank and two coils, right in the Box. And the tanks will directly match the color of the Mod, which will be available in an intriguing array of hues, including: Prism Gold, Prism Blue, Prism Chrome, Prism Gunmetal, Prism Rainbow, Black Red, Auto Pink.

Just $59.9 now in

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