Quality Joyetech Exceed Box with Exceed D22C Preview

The Joyetech Exceed Box with Exceed D22C is a new release to join the Exceed range of vaping devices.

I reviewed the Exceed D19 kit and found it to be pretty good! The tank itself really shone – but the battery couldn’t quite keep up. The box mod version has a 3000 mAh internal battery so I think this should cope really well!

Instead of a display screen you have a light indicator – which displays up to 5 bars according to the battery life remaining – the less bars illuminated = less charge left in battery.

exceed box kit vs D19

This also has the option like the D19 to use constant output mode and Direct output mode. The blue light indicates direct output mode selected and this turns orange when constant output mode is in use.

Constant output is what a regulated mod does – supplies the same power and adjusts it automatically regardless of the battery output.

Direct output is not adjusted – so you get more power when the battery is fully charged and this drops as the battery discharges.

This is available in 5 colours: silver, black, white, dark orange and black and white.

When I had the D19 kit I was sent the black and white and the orange versions. The orange was much nicer in real life than the photos and I really did like the graduated effect on the black and white version too.

Exceed D22C Tank

This kit includes the Exceed D22C tank. This is in standard form a 2ml capacity but there are components included which when installed will convert this to 3.5ml capacity.

You get 2 coils with this the MTL 1.5ohm and the DTL 0.5ohm. Both of these are great coils – and the stronger battery on the box mod should ensure the 0.5ohm coil performs well.

For an explanation of the terms MTL and DTL read here.
EX coils by JoyetechThis has the same excellent adjustable airflow as the Exceed D19 – which you can actually close off fully or have open on the large slot to give a good MTL or DTL vape.

The addition of a childproof cap on the D22C version of the tank is a great idea. The cap needs to be pushed down to unscrew.

high quality joyetech exceed box kit

Having already been impressed with the quality and styling of the D19 kit I think this is a wonderful addition. The D19 kit struggled with the 0.5ohm coil as the battery just wasn’t quite powerful enough.  So adding a higher powered battery I think will make this kit pretty much perfect.

I found the D19 tank airflow to be wonderfully versatile – you could adjust this from closed completely to really airy. This tank catered well for DTL and MTL vaping styles.

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