Naked 100 E-juice Review – Premium Fruity E-Juice Blend

The Naked 100 E-Juice is a well-known e-liquid manufacturer in the international market, especially in the United States. Most of their best selling flavors are Fruity blends that actually tastes really well. The VG/PG ratio of 70/30 will provide you a good amount of Vapor Production.

Naked 100 Review

Lava Flow – Naked 100 Review

The first thing that I noticed about this flavor is the good and strong aroma, I can already tell in this part of what I  can expect before tasting it. A strong smell of sweet and ripe Strawberries followed up by a light to strong Pineapple and the Coconut part is not that noticeable at this point. The experience you will get after trying this E-Juice is the feeling of drinking a realistic tropical drink. A sweet coconut will be the supporting flavor combining with a good percentage of Pineapple, then a good exhale of the pure taste of Strawberries.

Brain Freeze – Naked 100 Review

Naked 100 E Liquid delivers this pairing of kiwi and pomegranate. These two contrasting flavors that come together beautifully into a menthol vape. Only the master mixing specialists at Naked 100 E Liquid can deliver a liquid of this magnitude.

Hawaiian Pog – Naked 100 Review

Last but not the least on my Naked 100 Review, the Hawaiian Pog. This blend mimics the real taste of a Hawaiian tropical drink. The aroma of this is a combination of different kind of tropical fruits blending together. The main flavor for me is the Passionfruit and Guava flavor. This will be followed up by different fruity flavor playing in the background. There is an aftertaste of Citrus like taste which I think is Orange flavor.

I will definitely recommend this Juice brand and possibly this will be listed in our Best E-Liquids of 2018.


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