Joyetech eGo AIO Mansion Pod System Kit Review – The Throat-hitting Feeling is Good

As e-cigarettes enter our lives, various shapes of pod systems gradually replace our big smoke equipment. More portable pod systems has also been loved by many vapors! Pick a suitable “tool” as your own pod systems. Today we will bring you the latest pod systems released by Joyetech: eGo AIO Mansion Pod System Kit.

The eGo AIO Mansion Pod System Kit is inspired by the Empire state building and it is available in 5 different colors. This device is very compact, it is pocket-friendly and you can carry it everywhere with yourself, weight of the device is only 83g. You can use aio mansion on two different ways, you can use it with fire button or you can just direct inhale which will activate the sensor, so without fire button. Max output power here is 30w, when the battery is fully charged. This device use same coils as very popular cubis. On previous versions of ego aio that use cubis coils you can vape direct to lung or mouth to lung, same is here, you can use this device for direct to lung or mouth to lung vaping, depending which coil you use, but this is really good.

eGo AIO Mansion for sale

When you receive the device on the mouthpiece, it will be cap that protects the mouthpiece from dust. The mouthpiece has very nice shape and it is pretty much comfortable for using.

Capacity of the tank is 2ml of e liquid and this is leak-proof tank, which is always good. You can see the plug here and you need to remove it so you can fill the tank.

Airflow control ring is placed on the chimney and you can adjust airflow easy, but in case that you can’t do it with your fingers maybe you can use some tool to adjust it, personally I can adjust it pretty much easy.

About its performance. EGo AIO Mansion is very comfortable device for using. I can vape without pressing the fire button and if I want to vape by using the fire button I can do that also. Sensor for automatic switch works very well and airflow adjustment helps a lot for that, especially if you want to use this device for MTL vaping. Considering that this is a vape starter kit. I must say that I like that coils, because coils perform very well, personally I can use one coil for a month which is perfect. Flavor is good and throat-hitting feeling is good as well.

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