How to consider “modern” cigarette case with variable airflow – Koguovape Gamo RTA

Well, well-we relaxed a bit with the new pod system kit now it’s time to use more serious equipment – Koguovape Gamo RTA. I have already mentioned the first novelty casually-this is the second cigarette case of the young brand Koguovape.

Without further ado, we will “analyze”-atomizers with tight puffs are rare nowadays-enjoy it. The appearance of the novelty is quite calm-metal cold light, knurling, small glass outline and original markings on the bottom airflow adjustment ring.

Koguovape Gamo RTA 23mm review

In general, the RTA device looks good, and the difference between the main body and the “classic cigarette holder” is only the non-standard diameter of 23mm. The complete drip-tip 510 landing, which is made of plastic.

The stock capacity of our hero is standard, but with an increased diameter it could be larger. However, the complete set provides for its 50% increase with the help of a larger glass and a shaft extension.

The recharge of the latter is again “in a modern manner” – from above – through small nozzles. Adjustment of the e-liquid supply to the evaporation chamber is provided by the design.

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However, there is something interesting here – a removable metal plug-in, which reduces the throughput of the instance. Top padding-For convenience, the risky cover is secured with a bayonet.

If you don’t have to remove the drip head for this procedure, that would be great, otherwise, it will be “not very comfortable”.Here you can see more details:

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