High-quality MTL Ceramic Atomizer – Asvape Zeta RTA Review

The MTL atomizer has always occupied an irreplaceable position in the development of the electronic cigarette industry. Even in the environment which more people prefer big smoke, there are still a large number of MTL fans who stick to the MTL camp. The MTL atomizer equipped with a ceramic process highlights its superior taste properties compared to traditional mouth-feeling.

Today I will share experience for everyone is such a MTL ceramic atomizer: ASVAPE Zeta RTA.

Let’s look at the appearance of Zeta. It has a 17th-century European Baroque style design, the main steel cover carved ASVAPE LOGO, the standard tip drip can be seen from the top. The aequitas and olive branches indented respectively on the top cover and deck play a non-slip frictional function when dismantling the fuel top cover in addition to the decorative effect. The transparent PEI tank can observe the e-juice storage capacity, and the bottom four air intakes can be adjusted. The overall workmanship is extremely exquisite. Small and sleek, beautiful!

Asvape Zeta RTA 22mm

The atomizer is a typical type of MTL. Since it is MTL type, the choice of heating wire should be regular wire. It is recommended that A1 0.32 (28G) and 0.4 (26G) are preferred, and the resistance limit is not less than 0.7Ω, power no more than 20W, personally recommend conventional MTL data 28G/2.5 loop/6-8 loop/1.5Ω/10-12W, because this data can maximize the best taste experience of MTL atomizer.

On the taste, the performance of this Zeta RTA can be described as very good, 1.5Ω 11W power, air intake to the minimum air hole, delicate smoke warm, suction resistance is too small, similar to between KFP 2-3 stalls, I think the suction resistance setting can be larger. If it can similar to the KFP’s 1level air intake, the performance of oral absorption will be better. I personally particularly like the resistance of the Zeta fully blocked inlet, much like the suction resistance of a real cigarette filter, smoking 6mg tobacco e-juice is smooth and has a high degree of reduction, in general, the ceramic gasket and the performance of ceramics in the smoke temperature and fine atomization performance is remarkable!

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