Eleaf iCard Kit – A Compact Nicotine Starter Kit

Eleaf iCard Kit will obviously be quite compact and quite ergonomic thanks to its flattened profile. There are many options for coloring the hull – you can choose from what, and also add it to your “fashion bow”.

The design is rather modest, not taking into account the “vigorous” colors. Completed AIO neatly, the only thing that confused me – it’s not particularly a face-looking cartridge and a pad under it. Although this is not so critical.

The cartridge has a good capacity, the “mouthpiece” is removable.

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By removing it, you will be able to access the replacement evaporator, which you will definitely have enough for short nicotine snacks.

As I understand it, on the body of the mod, there is a button that allows you to “unfasten” the cartridge, and only then to make all the necessary manipulations with it. There is also a small button on the main body. It is located right in the middle of the insert from the soft-touch plastic, which encircles the case in the middle. The other end has a connector for charging the built-in battery. The capacity of the latter, by the way, is decent, especially for such a baby. The hygienic cap reliably closes the top of the device, preventing contamination of the drip type. During the soaring, he easily puts on the bottom, which I hope will slow down the process of its loss.

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The price $15.9, a humane price in https://vapesourcing.com/eleaf-icard-kit-15w-650mah.html

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