Cthulhu Tube Semi-Mechanical Mod VS Smoant Naboo TC Box Mod – two remarkable mods

IIn this article, we will look at a remarkable new product in the face of the Cthulhu Tube MOD pipe engine from well-known vape device company Cthulhu Mod. And also see the Smoant Naboo Box Mod, which is also a remarkable mod.

1. Cthulhu Tube Semi-Mechanical Mod

The design of Cthulhu Tube Semi-Mechanical Mod from the moment of those very first and mean photos for information was almost instantly baptized by users, as an almost complete copy of the famous “Hummingbird” fashion. As for the Cthulhu Tube MOD, it came out in the traditional for the manufacturer colors: black and steel.

Cthulhu Tube Semi-Mechanical Mod for sale
Cthulhu Tube Semi-Mechanical Mod for sale

The device has a modest side Fire button, as well as a standard 510 connector with a secure, non-hybrid connection.

At the bottom of the pipe module is the battery cover, held on the external threaded connection. In addition, here you can find some elements of safety in the form of two holes for ventilation. One battery is inserted, by the way, with the positive contact down.

2. Smoant Naboo TC Box Mod

Externally, the Smoant Naboo mod looks almost like a classic brick, but at the same time it has a comfortable shape and ribs in all directions. The mod is quite large, but due to its streamlined shape it seems compact and lies well in the hand.

buy Smoant Naboo TC Box Mod 225W
buy Smoant Naboo TC Box Mod 225W

A slight dissatisfaction is caused only by the choice of coverage, the gloss on all sides is instantly covered with divorces and fingerprints, and over time, with even minor scratches.

At the top end of the mod, you can find only 510 connectors, the positive pin of which is spring-loaded and made of brass, the connector’s platform is made of steel and is provided with recesses, which reduces the risk of the evaporator sticking to the body.

Touch buttons at the bottom of the device are highlighted and start to work only after pressing the Lock key, which, although it requires a little getting used to, but is quite convenient. Their sensitivity is made at a decent level, sometimes even a very light touch is enough to change the parameters.

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