Complete Guide To Innokin Endura M18 Kit

There has been a long time for me not to write something about Innokin. So, this time I decided to introduce their Endura M18 Kit. And, it is the first pod system in the Endura series of devices.

The Endura M18 Kit utilizes refillable cartridges instead of tanks which means it is more compact than its predecessors. The appearance looks to be simplistic, yet the matte finishes in rose gold, blue, black, midnight green, purple, and silver make it stand out. Each Endura M18 Pod uses upgraded BVC coils for an MTL style of vaping with nicotine salt or other high nicotine vape juices. With purchase, you’ll receive a 1.6ohm BVC coil and there are 7 other coil options to choose from that were included with other Innokin devices. Each pod can hold 4mL of e-liquid and is effortlessly refilled. And, you can remove the pod and reinsert it 180-degree to make airflow more open or more closed.

innokin endura m18 review

To power up the Endura M18, simply click the power button times. You don’t actually press a fire key to vape, but simply draw on the mouthpiece to take a puff at 10 watts of power. Or, you may use boost mode that fires at 13.5 watts for more heat and additional vapor production. Power comes from a 700mAh integrated battery that is charged via a bottom USB Type-C port. 3 LEDs clearly display the amount of voltage left in the cell. With three lights on, the battery percentage is above 60 percent, two lights 20 to 60 percent, and if only one LED is lit, it’s time for a recharge.

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