Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod System Kit – Suit for both MTL or DL

The pod vape kits are small and portable and do not give extra burden when you go for traveling, therefore it is loved by vapors who want to replace the cigarette. However, another meaning of the pod systems is that its smoke output is relatively small, therefore, its taste is usually much worse than that of the conventional TC box mods with atomizers. Fortunately, intelligent engineers are always breaking through the technical bottleneck. As the pod systems continue to evolve, this gap is also shrinking. Today let’s look at the latest pod system from Aspire: Nautilus AIO Pod System Kit.

When I first see this device it does look very cool, but it does feel a lot different to how it looks. The words of plastic and cheap come immediately to mind, it may be because they wanted to keep the weight down that they opted for plastic and you do get used to it. The Aspire Nautilus AIO is also pretty small, it easily fits into your hand, and thanks to the relatively flat design, fits into your pocket without you really knowing it’s there.

aspire nautilus aio pod vape kit

The plastic cartridge holds 4.5ml of e-juice with a resistance of 1.8ohm. The one with green rubber stoppers on is meant for nicotine salts whilst the white version is for standard e-liquids. You can remove the pod with the 2 buttons either side on the Aspire Nautilus AIO, turning it upside down gives you access to the orange plunger where the fill hole is, the airflow of the device which is on the base of the atomizer and unscrewing this completely gives you access to the coil.

The Aspire Nautilus AIO comes with a 1000mAh internal battery, which is pretty impressive considering its size. It has a nice big firing button on the front, which lights up to tell you it’s on but also doubles up as a charging and battery indicator.

best aspire nautilus aio kit

About the Nautilus AIO Pod System Kit’s performance. Compare to the previous Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Pod Kit, I find it hard to see any real differences. However, although the performance is similar, the Aspire Nautilus AIO uses the old Nautilus replacement coils, which mean getting replacement coils will be a whole lot easier. Overall, really happy with the performance of the device, with the airflow fully open you can perform direct lung inhales, albeit very restrictive, and with the airflow closed will suit mouth to lung inhales so should suit all types of vapors.

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