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The Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Pod Kit continues its pre-design style while also undergoing a major upgrade. The new Breeze 2 will have even better performance, the refilling design has been improved, and the battery capacity has increased to 1000 mAh. At first glance, the difference between Breeze 2 and its predecessor is not that big, but Breeze 2 replaces the original inline atomizer design with a 3ml capacity refillable cartridge(also available in TDP-compliant 2ml version). Today we will share a more detailed review about the Breeze 2 AIO Pod Kit to you.

The Breeze 2 is ergonomically designed with a very compact construction. Like the previous generation, Breeze 2 still uses a rounded rectangular body design, the exterior of the body is made of zinc alloy material. Breeze 2 has been improved in the mediocrity of the first generation of products, the size of the main unit is very comfortable, the body processing technology is excellent, and the new atomizing structure makes the Breeze 2 both improved in appearance and performance.

Breeze 2’s cartridges are solid and durable and are clearly distinguishable from common disposable cartridges. Breeze 2’s cartridges are easy to clean, and vapors can easily observe the amount of e-juice remaining in the cartridge. Although the color of the cartridge is darker, it does not affect the vapor’s observation.

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Breeze 2 consists of five main parts: battery, coil(Aspire Breeze 2 Replacement Coils), cartridge, tip drip, and air intake regulator. The kit has three buttons, one ignition button is located on the front of the kit, and two release buttons on each side of the cartridge are used to disassemble the cartridge.

I don’t like the Breeze 2’s air intake adjustment design. Although it performs normally, the vapor must remove the tip drip to adjust the intake adjustment ring. Although the drip is strong enough, the Breeze 2’s drip is thin and cheap compared to the drip of other devices.

Since Aspire Breeze 2 has a 5mm diameter refilling hole, the vapor’s refilling operation will be extremely simple, and the cartridge will not cause any leakage after sealing. Sometimes there may be some condensate, but in most cases, the bottom of the cartridge and the battery connection are dry.

About its performance. When you vape the Breeze 2, you will get a warm, delicious MTL experience and a comfortable throat-hitting feeling, while the vapor can also adjust the amount of air intake, which is ideal for vapors who love high nicotine smoke.

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