8 score Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit Recommend For you

The Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit is one of the newest mods available and definitely one worth looking into. The Revenger Mini Kit is a more compact version of the Revenger original. This new model integrates a single 2500mAh internal battery opposed to two external 18650 batteries. A big draw for the Revenger Mini Kit is that it utilizes the OMNI Board 2.2 and pairs with the NRG SE Sub-Ohm Tank.

Manufacturing Quality

The Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit is the evolution of the 2 previously released mods from Vaporesso. This specific line has quickly become the most recognizable of the Vaporesso brand and has helped to propel them into a more dominant position in the vape industry.

The Revenger Mini maintains the strong chassis of the larger version and is constructed with an In-Mould Labeling (IML). The aluminum alloy shell makes is tough for life on the road and the new travel-friendly size makes it even more impressive than the past models.

Flavor Quality

The Revenger Mini Kit kit includes a smaller version of one of Vaporesso’s newly added atomizer designs. The NRG SE tank Mini is a shorter and lighter version of the original. This Mini NRG SE tank is available in 3.5 mL and in 2 mL capacity versions.

The relationship between vape mod coils and the vape modes n which vape mods run is something that Vaporesso has been evolving. For example with this atomizer, in particular, the new GT core coil system is designed to operate with the preset vaping modes: Soft, Normal and High. This system allows for a wider range of flavor profiles right out of the package. You are able to experience highly intense flavor at the mid to high power levels.

Power Flexibility

Bronze and beauty. Not only is the Revenger mini one of the best looking new vape mod kits, but it also has a pretty good power flexibility. With this new version being thinner by 5 mm and smaller in height by 6 mm there is less room for some of the older components. That’s why it is impressive that this version boasts a 2500 mAh battery. This internal 2500 mAh battery provides the unit with 85 watts.

The lower watt output in this model is a result of the single internal battery opposed to the previously included two external 18650 batteries. The design of this new model does, however, include the OMNI board 2.2 chipset. With this, the unit is able to operate at a very similar performance level to the larger older version.

Let’s talk specs for a moment here: The voltage range on the Revenger Mini is 0V-8.5V, the resistance range is 0.05 – 5 Ω. Its temperature control ranges from 100°C -315°C /200F -600F and the output modes are as followed: Smart VW (H, N, S), CCT, CCW, VT(NI /TI /SS), RCT, TCR (M1 / M2), and BYPASS mode.

Ease of Use

The tank system and mod are both very easy to use with the Revenger Mini Kit. The tank system uses a fill design that makes top filing quicker, easier, and more leak resistant than the competition. This is a must-have in a e-liquid vaporizer – having a vape leak e-juice is not a fun mess to have to deal with and can ruin your clothes. The included tank has an adjustable airflow located at the bottom of the tank.

There are a variety of interchangeable coils at the different Ohm levels that operate with the different wattage levels and modes of soft normal and high. Included in the user manual is a chart that helps you to understand the best levels for each.

The menu options give you the ability to adjust and check the clock, brightness level, puff counter, screen timeout and other practical features.


Vaporesso has done a great job of bringing their most popular mode down in size to a very portable unit. The loss in wattage with this smaller model is hardly noticeable as they have included the OMNI board 2.2 chipset as we mentioned earlier.

The leak-resistant top fill tank system and small compact design and high build quality make this model one of Vaporesso’s most portable units. One drawback I will touch on is the updated battery used in this model. The internal 18650 is still pretty good, but it is internal meaning that you can’t carry along extras for extended use.

Overall Experience

Overall I would say that I prefer this version than the two larger models that it has evolved from. I personally like the size of this one and for how often I vape on any given day the internal 18650 battery is perfectly fine. The appearance of this mod with the nice interface makes it feel even more luxurious that it already is. For a vape mod kit that costs only 70 to 80 bucks, I will say that this is a great deal.

The menu system gives you a very wide range of options and is very easy to navigate through. If you are looking for a mod that is compact, durable and offers plenty of personal settings, this is a device worth looking into. Something extra I’ll touch on quickly that you can take away from this review, is if you pick one of these up you should remember to use the recommended wattage range in high mode to avoid any burnt taste and avoid damaging the GT cores.

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